"The Location Never Changes, But the People Do."

About Us

Born in February 2024 in Lansing, MI, MIpreneur stands as a testament to our commitment to fostering a vibrant and inclusive community for entrepreneurs, small business owners, and professionals across Michigan.

Our community thrives on the principles of collaboration and knowledge-sharing. MIpreneur is not merely a networking hub; it is a social learning space where members can explore, connect, and thrive together. We understand that the journey of building a business involves more than just marketing strategies; it encompasses the entire spectrum of experiences unique to our state. 

At MIpreneur, our mission is to offer a supportive and safe environment where members can engage in meaningful conversations, access valuable resources, establish vital connections, and find unwavering support in their entrepreneurial endeavors. Education is at the core of our values, and we are dedicated to providing our members with the tools and insights necessary for success in Michigan's dynamic business landscape.

We host bi-monthly events that focus on topics related to the entire experience of building a brand or business in Michigan. 

"The Location Never Changes, But the People Do."

Meet the Hosts:

Desi M. Slaughter
Owner/Branding & Marketing Specialist
Brand & Press Studio

Desiree’ “Desi” Slaughter is a Creative Professional, Entrepreneur, Digital Creator. Through Brand & Press Studio, Desi specializes in Branding, WordPress Websites, Content Marketing, and Business Strategy for entrepreneurs, professionals, and small business owners.

To connect with Desi and follow her journey, you can find her pretty much anywhere online as ‘@desimslaughter’ or visit her website desimslaughter.com or to work with her, learn more by visiting brandnpress.com.


Paul Schmidt
Owner/Creative Video Strategist
UnoDeuce Multimedia

Paul Schmidt its the Owner and Creative Video Strategist at UnoDeuce Multimedia in Lansing, MI. As Owner and Creative Video Strategist, he's turned UnoDeuce into a leading media solution for Michigan nonprofits. 

Today, UnoDeuce is a full-service video production company known for creative visual storytelling. Connect with Paul at unodeuce.com and witness the power of visual storytelling.

Why Join?

Are you an entrepreneur, professional, or business owner located in Michigan? Are you looking for a supportive community to help you grow your brand or business? Well, you're in the right place!

Here are a few of the things you’ll be able to do as a member of MIpreneur:

  • We organize events every other month to help local entrepreneurs, professionals, and business owners through the entire experience of building a brand or business in Michigan. Through these events, members can learn from the best, find inspiration, and furthermore, understand that they are not alone in their entrepreneurial journey. 
  • We share community updates that highlight a variety of topics essential to building a successful brand or business in Michigan. Gain valuable insights into Michigan's dynamic business landscape, equipping you with the tools and resources for success.
  • Our collaborative platform encourages members from diverse industries to share their knowledge and learn from one another. Here, you can explore new ideas and access a wealth of knowledge shared by like-minded individuals. 
  • As part of our supportive community, you'll establish vital connections that could influence the success of your entrepreneurial endeavors. Browse the list of members and connect with different businesses and individuals by activity, location, or status.

Whether you are an industry expert or just embarking on your entrepreneurial journey, MIpreneur is your go-to destination for learning, growth, and connection in the thriving Michigan business community. We invite you to join us and grow together!

A Big Thanks

The MIpreneur community is free to join. As a volunteer-based organization, we operate through sponsors, partners, and donations.